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    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


    Key Features


    • Active Noise Cancellation
    • Noise-Free Calls
    • 360 Sound
    • Track your buds
    • 5-Hour Battery
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    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro detailed description

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the latest bud from Samsung. Galaxy Buds Pro is a true wireless bud that comes with an Active Noise Cancellation to provide an immersive feeling when listening to audio.


    Active Noise Cancellation.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with an intelligent Active Noise Cancellation. The intelligent Active Noise Cancellation lets you control the amount of background noise you can hear. The intelligent Active Noise Cancellation can detect when you’re talking and allows background noise so that you can carry out conversations without physically turning the buds off.


    Good Powerful Sound.

    The quality of sound from Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is among the best. The buds come with custom-built 2-way speakers with AKG. This helps produce the best sound possible.


    Noise-Free Calls.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro lets you make noise-free calls. The wireless buds block out wind and other noises letting you make clear calls.


    360 Audio.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with Dolby Atmos which lets you hear every sound clearly. And with Dolby Head Tracking technology, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can detect where the sound is coming from when you shift your head and automatically adjusts to provide a level of realism.


    Track your Earbuds.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are small and may get lost. But with Smarthings Find App, you can track where the earbuds are. This saves you time and the headache it takes to track lost earbuds.


    5-Hours Battery life.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with a 5-hour battery plus a 13-hour battery life if you use the case. And when you run out of power, a 5-minute charge will give you an hour of playtime.

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